Overhyped and Underappreciated European Destinations PT1

When planning a vacation trip, most travelers fancy putting Europe on the list and no wonder, as the continent has everything on the menu, from sandy beaches in the Mediterranean, breathtaking scenery and landscapes in the Alps and historical and cultural sites scattered all across Europe. Europe also tops the charts with being home to […]

Thessaloniki – Athens little sister

Thessaloniki, or Slonica, may feel like Athens little sister but should definitely not be underestimated. Greece’s second largest city and capital of the state of Macedonia is located almost 500 km from Athens in a bay at the Thermatic Gulf. Named after Alexander the Greats’ sister, the cities history began in 316 BC and led […]

Three Things That We Would Tell a New Traveler

Is it hope or fear? Or maybe it is just excitement? There is absolutely no doubt that traveling for the first time can really provide you with all sorts of emotions. The reason for this is because when you leave your home to travel the world for the first time ever, you just don’t know […]